Nilo A. Hernandez, Jr., DDS, DICOI, Owner of Smilecreator Of Naples Writes About The Importance Of Vitamin D In Oral Health.

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Nilo Hernandez, Jr., DDS, DICOI, best-selling co-author of the book, The Will To Win, with Brian Tracy, and owner of the Smilecreator of Naples, writes about Vitamin D, the importance it plays in oral health and includes how to get vitamin D from the sun, dietary and supplemental sources.


Naples, FL, March 31, 2020: Owner and CEO of Smilecreator of Naples, Dr. Nilo Hernandez, Jr., DDS, has posted a new article on his website entitled, “The Role Vitamin D Plays In Your Dental Health,” in which Dr. Hernandez emphasizes how integral this single vitamin is to oral health.


As Dr. Hernandez points out, “All people who reside in Florida have a fairly constant source of Vitamin D: the wonderful sunshine!” He continues adding, “If you spend as few as 15 minutes in the sun each day, perhaps on an early morning or evening walk, just as the sun is coming up or going down, you can fulfill your daily requirement of this vitamin that is so integral to bone and dental health.” He adds, “And, a diet rich in seafood, which is also abundant in Florida, is another way to keep your Vitamin D requirements fulfilled.”


“Vitamin D is essential in helping the body absorb calcium,” says Dr. Hernandez. He continues adding, “Of course there are people around the world who don’t love being out in the sun. Fortunately there are dietary sources for getting Vitamin D, which include leafy greens, fatty fish like salmon and tuna, and foods that are fortified with Vitamin D. And, of course, there are vitamin supplements that can be taken.”


Dr. Hernandez states, “We want to help you combat the Coronavirus fears. During the month of March, all new patients who visit us for their exam cleaning and Oral DNA check, will receive a FREE 30-day supply of our branded Vitamin D3 supplement to boost your health and immune system.*s”


Continuing to elaborate on Vitamin D, Dr. Hernandez writes, “This vitamin deficiency typically shows up as osteoporosis as well as periodontal disease and has a multitude of symptoms. As a dentist, I have seen the damaging results of Vitamin D deficiency up close.” According to Dr. Hernandez, “In the dental profession, it is well known that Vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of oral infections and periodontal disease. Vitamin D is important in the body’s immune response and it has been known to suppress the destructive effects of chronic periodontitis.” He elaborates, “What this means is that if one patient has periodontitis and has adequate levels of vitamin D, the disease will not be as damaging as it would be in a patient that is chronically deficient in the vitamin.”


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About Dr. Nilo Hernandez


Nilo A. Hernandez Jr., DDS, DICOI completed I dental degree at Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska in 1991. Prior to that, he also completed dental training overseas that placed much emphasis on surgery and trauma procedures. With so much training in the surgical arts, it’s no wonder that he has excelled on this chosen path with the greatest of passion and vigor.


Since 1991, Dr. Hernandez has placed and restored well over 10,000 dental implants and has achieved and maintained an extremely high success rate. Not only is he involved with the surgical aspect, but he has always been involved with the restorative side as well. For many years, he has been teaching dentist to become extraordinary with predictable results.  As program chairman at two illustrious dental teaching clinics, he was instrumental in bringing implant dentistry to the mainstream at those centers and still is to this day. He has published numerous articles, books and has been featured in many television and radio shows.