5 Things You Should Eat Or Drink.

Choosing the right food & drinks for your oral health.

Some people don’t realize that eating the right foods can do almost as much good for you as brushing & flossing your teeth. Some food or drink choices can actually help your oral health. Here are 5 things you should eat or drink.

Let’s start with a daily life necessity – water. Rinsing your mouth with water not only cleans your mouth so that your saliva can actually nourish your teeth, water also hydrates your gums and helps to wash away any food trapped between your teeth to avoid plaque. The bacteria in plaque can cause tooth decay or gum disease.

Dairy products such as a light or Greek yogurt or milk are low in acidity and sugar making them a great choice for a healthy snack. Stay away from the sweet yogurts to avoid tooth decay. Milk is rich in calcium, which means you are fortifying teeth and bones while refueling during the day.

Lean Protein such as chicken and turkey are rich in phosphorus. Calcium combines with phosphorus and Vitamin D to produce our teeth and bones. Make sure you get enough protein daily for a number of reasons.

Vegetables – of course, we will say eat your veggies! Broccoli and carrots are rich in Vitamin A from which tooth enamel forms and if you eat them raw you will get even more Vitamin A, as well as clean your teeth and massage your gums. Celery is another great choice as a snack,  eating it uncooked will not only massage your gums but clean your teeth! Celery also induces the production of saliva which will neutralize the bacteria that cause cavities.

Green Tea has a well-deserved reputation for providing many benefits. Green tea offers natural antioxidant compounds that prevent plaque from accumulating on your teeth, therefore reducing the risk of cavities and bad breath. Some green teas also contain fluoride that can further prevent tooth decay, just make sure you check the label before you buy and don’t load it up with sweetener. Green tea is a refreshing treat any time of the day!

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Smilecreator Of Naples, Dr. Nilo Hernandez