A Dirty Mouth Can Mean A Hurting Heart

I’m not referring to talking dirty, though that probably doesn’t help much of anything either. What I’m talking about is how the bacteria in your mouth can indicate whether there is likely to be disease in your heart. A dirty mouth can also indicate whether you are heading toward diabetes or a stroke too.


For instance, did you know that people who have gum disease have twice as much small, dense LDL cholesterol in their blood stream as those with healthy gums? Most people are unaware of this. It so happens that chemicals produced by high-risk oral bacteria make it easier for bad cholesterol to invade artery walls.  As a result, these chemicals make the inner layers of the artery – where the plaque forms – stickier, like Velcro, so cholesterol is more likely to be trapped there and clump into dangerous plaque.


I learned all of this as a result of having a heart attack and receiving a cardiac report suggesting that I should “get checked out by my dentist to make sure I didn’t have periodontal disease.” Pretty ironic considering I am a dentist who specialized in implants. And of course many people getting implants lose teeth as a result of periodontal disease. This led me to in-depth research on the correlation between heart health and oral health.


I now employ an overall approach to health in my dental practice inspired by the BaleDoneen Method of heart attack, stroke and diabetes prevention. The BaleDoneen method is used by a growing number of dental as well as medical providers. By testing the bacteria in the mouth, it can be determined if you are at high risk for heart disease, stroke and/or diabetes. I love giving my patients the ability to smile again, the ability to chew their food and feel good about their looks. However, nothing beats the way I feel when I can help my patients prevent a heart attack, diabetes or a stroke, in addition to those other benefits.


You can find out more about the method I employ in my dental practice by visiting www.baledoneen.com.  If you are looking for a dentist that takes your whole health into consideration, I’m your man.