Better Use Premium Fuel Or Else…

Fuel in the body is an interesting topic. For one, we humans really enjoy eating. We also assume that we must eat…and we are right for the most part! Food […]

oral heath

A Few Thoughts To Chew On For Oral Health

Your Oral Health is So Important As a dentist, I see people of all ages coming to salvage their oral health oftentimes when it is barely salvageable. The common neglect […]

A Dirty Mouth Can Mean A Hurting Heart

I’m not referring to talking dirty, though that probably doesn’t help much of anything either. What I’m talking about is how the bacteria in your mouth can indicate whether there […]

Your Mouth Can Help Or Hurt Your Heart

Think about the mouth. That amazing orifice through which we enjoy so many things: conversation, kissing, eating delicious food, drinking, laughing, smiling. The desire to put things in our mouths […]

The Key To Health Is In Your Mouth

We are all very familiar with the stereotypical scenario depicting a visit to the doctor. The doctor walks in, greets the patient, then says, “Open your mouth and say, ‘Ahhh.’” […]

The Toothbrush

The toothbrush…We use it every day, sometimes a few times per day. Yet, have you ever stopped to think about what is hiding and growing inside on those bristles? Well, […]

Your Health

The misunderstood word called Health and what many people think and believe is only outside. These folks will go to the gym regularly and work out feverishly for hours. They […]