Correct Misaligned Teeth And Get The Beautiful Smile You Want 62% Faster

If you’ve been considering getting Invisalign to correct misaligned teeth due to natural causes, age related movement or periodontal disease in order to achieve the perfect smile you dream of having, I’ve got great news for you. No matter what condition you are desiring to correct, be it simple or complex, you can achieve your beautiful smile with Invisalign or braces up to 62% faster than usual. Abnormal alignment of the teeth and jaws is very common and regular braces have made it possible, and Invisalign has made it so much easier, for people of every age to make the corrections that make it possible to love their smiles. And now, there’s a technique that speeds up the entire process.


The MOPs Effect

 For the past few years, I have been using, with great success, what is known as The MOPs Effect, which stands for Micro Osteo Perforation under the brand name of Propel®. It is a university developed and FDA cleared technique that is used to accelerate the rate of orthodontic tooth movement in conjunction with braces and/or Invisalign. Micro means extremely small. Osteo relates to the bones. And perforation relates to a small hole made by boring or piercing.

For instance, if an Invisalign treatment would normally take up to a full year, with The MOPs Effect, you can cut that time in half, maybe even more.  This is possible by boring microscopically small dimples along the gum line causing micro-fractures within the bone that in turn accelerate the body’s ability to break down and subsequently rebuild bone. This allows the teeth to move more quickly thus cutting down the time required for realignment.


Quick And Pain-free

The MOPs Effect is performed in-office within a matter of minutes with only topical anesthetic required. There is little to no recovery time as the process is virtually pain-free. This process is more predictable than just regular braces and Invisalign. You’ll spend less time in the orthodontic chair and you’ll have something to smile about all the time at the end of your treatment period.


Faster Is Better

When it comes to realigning teeth, there is no question that faster is better. The MOPs Effect is the most predictable method now available in conjunction with either regular braces or Invisalign. Are you ready to smile like you’ve never smiled before? If you are, give my office a call and let’s set up a consultation to see how quickly we can give you something to smile about.