How Holistic & Biological Dentistry Helps Your Whole Body

Most people start going to the dentist when they are children. Parents take their kids for regular checkups. Cavities get filled. It is determined whether or not a trip to the orthodontist is in order. Taking care of the teeth and gums is a habit most people continue throughout their lives. However there are some people who are so terrified of the dentist they fail to go to the dentist for many years until some painful problem comes up and they are forced to go.

Gum Disease Could Be Indicator Of More Serious Conditions

Even for those who go regularly to the dentist, for cleanings, they are often told that their teeth are not as clean as they should be or that their gums are still bleeding and that they need to be doing better with their home oral hygiene. Eventually, they may be told they have periodontal disease due to incorrect or inadequate dental hygiene. The fact is maybe some people don’t do a great job with their dental hygiene. However, there may be other underlying factors that contribute to periodontal disease. In many cases, it could be a heart condition, diabetes or an imminent stroke that is causing gum disease.

Connection Between Oral Health And Overall Health Not Commonly Understood

In my holistic dental practice, I employ and follow the Bale/Doneen Method and other biological services and techniques to incorporate the study of the link between and prevention of heart disease, diabetes, strokes and gum disease. Many silent conditions in the mouth, such as old root canals have been proven to contribute to elevated chances of having a severe stroke or heart disease. Additionally, cardiovascular incidents are preventable with proper care and attention to these underlying culprits, diet and other forms of cleaner living.

A holistic dental approach will look at other body systems in search for answers as to why specific breakdowns may be happening. For example; holistic dentists will look at metal toxicity, ph levels in saliva and use DNA testing for find ways to strengthen the body to counteract these offenses.

Biologic and holistic approaches to dentistry are not all that different from traditional approaches except we take a stricter approach to using materials that do not react negatively with the body, saliva and or surrounding tissues. When someone is suffering with ongoing periodontal disease and other body malfunctions, using a holistic dental approach may help get closer to the body’s favorable responses in healing.

Some of the services holistic & biologic dentist use are:

  • Bale/Doneen Method
  • Plasma Rich Growth Factor Technology (PRGF)
  • Oral DNA testing
  • Monitoring A1C & Ph testing
  • Safe amalgam removal
  • Ozone therapies and applications
  • Ph monitoring and modifications
  • Nutritional alkaline food modifications
  • Supplementation with activated charcoal, Vitamin D3, and others
  • Oil pulling
  • Natural toothpastes and rinses
  • Handling biotoxins and mold alleviation
  • & many other more natural approaches…

Time To Consider A Holistic Dentist


If you’ve been dealing with chronic gum disease you owe it to yourself to schedule a visit to your nearest holistic dentist. Or, you may want to take a trip to visit one if there isn’t one nearby. It could not only change the health of your mouth but also of your entire body.