Nilo A. Hernandez, Jr., DDS, DICOI, Owner of Smilecreator Of Naples Shares An Article Posted By Bale-Doneen In Honor Of National Dental Hygiene Month.



Nilo Hernandez, Jr., DDS, DICOI, best-selling co-author of the book, The Will To Win, with Brian Tracy, and owner of the Smilecreator of Naples

, talks about how the Halloween celebration has typically been a boon to dentists and a great time to begin instilling good oral hygiene practices into young children.


Naples, FL, September **, 2019: Owner and CEO of Smilecreator of Naples, Dr. Nilo Hernandez, Jr., DDS, has posted a new article on his website entitled, “An Oral Health Guide In Anticipation Of Halloween,” in which Dr. Hernandez talks about why he shares an article from


Dr. Hernandez writs, “As we move further away from summer and deeper into the fall season, thoughts of Halloween start to play in the minds of children and parents across the country.” He continues, “As the first celebration of the fall season Halloween is one that has historically been detrimental to oral health and fundamental to keeping many dentists in business! So much sugar consumed in such a short period of time. Dentists can pretty much count on emergency appointments with children who have tooth aches in the weeks after Halloween.”


“As a dentist who employs and works with the Bale-Doneen method,” says Dr. Hernandez, “I want to share what they have posted on their website in honor of National Dental Hygiene Month.” He further explains, “Teaching children to keep their mouth clean is an important lesson to establish early. To that end and to the hopeful avoidance of the scary things that can happen when one doesn’t tend to their oral hygiene, I am posting an article from in its entirety.”


The title of the article is “4 Scary Reasons to Take Your Dental Health Seriously” in the article it is said that, “October is National Dental Hygiene Month, which honors the work of a potentially lifesaving member of your heart-attack-and-stroke prevention team: your dental provider.” The article continues, “Recent research links poor oral health to increased risk for many deadly disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD), the leading killer of Americans.”


The entire article can be read at


About Dr. Nilo Hernandez


Nilo A. Hernandez Jr., DDS, DICOI completed I dental degree at Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska in 1991. Prior to that, he also completed dental training overseas that placed much emphasis on surgery and trauma procedures. With so much training in the surgical arts, it’s no wonder that he has excelled on this chosen path with the greatest of passion and vigor.


Since 1991, Dr. Hernandez has placed and restored well over 10,000 dental implants and has achieved and maintained an extremely high success rate. Not only is he involved with the surgical aspect, but he has always been involved with the restorative side as well. For many years, he has been teaching dentist to become extraordinary with predictable results.  As program chairman at two illustrious dental teaching clinics, he was instrumental in bringing implant dentistry to the mainstream at those centers and still is to this day. He has published numerous articles, books and has been featured in many television and radio shows.


While being fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Hernandez has lectured worldwide and given many thousands of hours of lectures on everything from surgical to prosthetic rehabilitation. He has impacted the lives of many dentists and patients from across the globe.




The teaching arm of Dr. Nilo’s career has been developed due to his abilities and comprehensive use of methods, techniques and materials followed by proper and concise documentation and photography to assist many companies in using his skills for research and development of their products.


As Course Director for the IDEC Seminar series Dr. Hernandez’s quest is to prepare clinicians to reach levels of aptitude and proficiency never reached before. In addition to this, the medical advances in stem cells and genetic testing has become a part of the everyday dental practice life for Dr. Hernandez.