Nilo A. Hernandez, Jr., DDS, DICOI, Owner of Smilecreator Of Naples Talks About Some of the Reasons Why He Doesn’t Use Metal Implants In His Practice.

Nilo Hernandez, Jr., DDS, DICOI, best-selling co-author of the book, The Will To Win, with Brian Tracy, and owner of the Smilecreator of Naples, talks about titanium versus ceramic implants.


Naples, FL, February 28, 2020: Owner and CEO of Smilecreator of Naples, Dr. Nilo Hernandez, Jr., DDS, has posted a new article on his website entitled, The Mouth Is The Perfect Environment For Conducting Electricity, in which Dr. Hernandez talks about how metal implants in the mouth conducts electricity.


Dr. Hernandez writes, “If you have children, you know how important it was when they were little to keep them away from electrical outlets and cords.” He continues adding, “Kids love putting things in their mouths. That’s how toddlers explore their new world. And with so many digital devices in our world, all of which require chargers, there are even more ways for a child to get into trouble with electricity.” He emphasizes, “The mouth is the perfect moist environment for conducting electricity.”


“As a holistic dentist,” says Dr. Hernandez, “I talk to my implant patients about this topic on a regular basis. I do not use metallic implants for that very reason.” He elaborates, “The body conducts electricity, and in the mouth, titanium implants can not only conduct electricity causing vibrations in the jaw and head, but also many patients may have allergic reactions to metals.”


Dr Hernandez explains why people prefer to work with a holistic dentist, writing, “In my experience, people who prefer going to holistic dentists naturally favor mercury-free and metal-free dental procedures. Many don’t want metals and metal alloys in their mouth because of the potential for toxins, corrosion and the harmful effects they have on the immune system.”


According to Dr. Hernandez, “Titanium or metal implants can create what is called ‘oral galvanism’ or ‘the battery effect’ in the mouth. Just think about any kind of battery from the one in your car to those used in your TV’s remote control. When you have metal in the mouth you are in effect turning your mouth into a battery.”



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About Dr. Nilo Hernandez

 Nilo A. Hernandez Jr., DDS, DICOI completed I dental degree at Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska in 1991. Prior to that, he also completed dental training overseas that placed much emphasis on surgery and trauma procedures. With so much training in the surgical arts, it’s no wonder that he has excelled on this chosen path with the greatest of passion and vigor.


Since 1991, Dr. Hernandez has placed and restored well over 10,000 dental implants and has achieved and maintained an extremely high success rate. Not only is he involved with the surgical aspect, but he has always been involved with the restorative side as well. For many years, he has been teaching dentist to become extraordinary with predictable results.  As program chairman at two illustrious dental teaching clinics, he was instrumental in bringing implant dentistry to the mainstream at those centers and still is to this day. He has published numerous articles, books and has been featured in many television and radio shows.