Dental Seminars

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The Purpose

Dental patient seminars bridges a gap...

...that exists between the needs patients feel they have, and the need to actually make an appointment with a dentist and have to go through all the necessary rituals of going to the dentist for the very first time.

Years ago, we decided to create a means whereby people ( not yet patients) were actually interested in finding out about their situations and what our science has available to them and others. At times even existing patients would like to find out more about advances in oral health care and how to improve their overall health.

The actual seminars teach you the importance of having healthy teeth and also educates you on the consequences of tooth loss and what occurs on the very face we all love... Ours.

Whether you are missing any teeth or not, these seminars will cleanly open your eyes to what is important and why being diligent can save you much in money and also in looking younger.

Who We Are

We are a very professional private dental facility reaching very high standards of care and results. The Southwest Florida facility is the latest in technology and innovation. With the very finest in equipment and amenities, you will find your visit and experience, someone, to remember.The doctors are all highly experienced and certainly very approachable about your needs. Not only will you definitely be impressed with the doctors and facility, the staff is exemplary and dedicated to serving your needs with white glove care.



Benefits of Participating

  • Education and information via the seminars presentation
  • Seminars available in English and Spanish, early evenings.
  • Light snacks and refreshments served.
  • Monthly promotions and specials for seminar participants only.
  • Special financing programs for those that need help

Research grants available twice per year. Ask us how.

Our Seminars

Are scheduled twice a month. Once in English and once in Spanish.  They are always given at 11:30 am sharp followed by a Free Examination for any participant that chooses to take advantage of the show specials.


June 15, 11 am - 1:30 pm

When teeth are missing a few different things occur. First, the aesthetics are particularly deteriorated.  Over time and if the patients are without certain teeth for prolonged periods, the remaining teeth migrate and shift often causing facial changes in the skin.


June 15, 11 am - 1:30 pm.

Sign up today and reserve your spot.


The purpose of the teeth in the jaws and in proper alignment serve the purpose primarily of supporting the skin of the face. It is in effect the skeleton of the facial design.

Back in the late 1980s when dental implants were brought into our profession, it became increasingly evident that this new technology would reshape the face of dentistry and how dentistry would be able to change people's lives. Suddenly, dentistry truly had a new face in the evolution towards solving an age-old problem with tooth replacement.

Dental prosthetics were no longer the option of choice. People had an opportunity to have their missing teeth replaced with a more confident and stable option that more closely mimicked their natural tooth or teeth.  

The new age of dental implants had begun. It hit North America by storm. A European company was at the forefront of this new technology. It seems the Europeans had one up the US yet again. But, this company was very much decided to create a US brand and have the American public become their biggest customer. We did become that. The North American dentist and its entrepreneurial spirit decided to re-create what little knowledge had been studied. With the assistance of some key dental leaders now considered by most as the American dental implant pioneers... This new technology was quickly becoming an American institution.


Dentists all over the world would offer dentures and partials as the replacement of choice for those missing many teeth. Dental schools all over the country were teaching these methods as the "gold standard" in dentistry. For those patients lucky enough to only be issuing one or two teeth, then possible a fixed non-removable bridge was the choice. But those too had their own pitfalls. Dentists still had to rely on inferior materials for impressions and then hopefully a laboratory capable of waxing, casting and eventually stacking porcelain to recreate nature.  This was just too much for the human receiving these gargantuan dental pieces to handle long term. Then along comes this option of dental implants. Patient were surprised at first that it was even plausible. Some higher than average lab techs were creating very intricate prosthetic pieces and soon tried similar approaches to use dental implants. Here the tides turned. Now it was possible to replace a single tooth or just a few teeth with something closely seem bling what was lost. Up until this point, dental implants were only a full arch replacement. In other words, it was for people who were used to wearing dentures. The dental implants gave the cautious denture wearer a way to attach these dentures and have them feel secured.  This was huge! But even more of an impact was being able to replace a single missing tooth with one dental implant. Make it look and feel like the real thing and maybe have it better than before. Reminds me of a TV show of the 70s where the man was rebuilt better than before. The bionic tooth was born. The company began launching seminars and programs to get the news out. To get dentists trained and to get the staff of those dentists aware that this option was for real and that they should tell everyone and anyone that would listen.


This is not new. The technique to use a larger number of implants spread out over the jaw to allow the connection of a bridge or denture more securely is what this entire concept was created upon.


We have the ability and now also the medical technology to recreate what was once there in the natural state. Patients from all walks of life can feel confident again. Chew, smile, sing, speak and just live a more active social life without the embarrassing situations of loose fitting dentures.

Do yourself a simple and huge favor. Say, Enough is Enough!   Sign up for the seminar today and reserve your spot for a healthier and more active new you.

Location and Accommodations

We are situated in the heart of Naples, very near to the famous 5th Avenue and the Waterside & Coastland Malls Shops. The Hotel where the seminars are given is exactly across the street from our office and the surgical center.


3250 Tamiami Trail North
Naples, FL 34103

3250 Tamiami Trail North Naples, FL 34103

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