Free Dental Implants Seminar - March 8, 2019 - Registration 11:00am - Seminar Starts 11:30am

The Purpose

Dental patient seminars bridges a gap…that exists between the needs patients feel they have, and the need to actually make an appointment with a dentist and have to go through all the necessary rituals of going to the dentist for the very first time.

Years ago, we decided to create a means whereby people ( not yet patients) were actually interested in finding out about their situations and what our science has available to them and others. At times even existing patients would like to find out more about advances in oral health care and how to improve their overall health.

The actual seminars teach you the importance of having healthy teeth and also educates you on the consequences of tooth loss and what occurs on the very face we all love… Ours.

Whether you are missing any teeth or not, these seminars will cleanly open your eyes to what is important and why being diligent can save you much in money and also in looking younger.

Who We Are

We are a very professional private dental facility reaching very high standards of care and results. The Southwest Florida facility is the latest in technology and innovation. With the very finest in equipment and amenities, you will find your visit and experience, someone, to remember.

The doctors are all highly experienced and certainly very approachable about your needs. Not only will you definitely be impressed with the doctors and facility, the staff is exemplary and dedicated to serving your needs with white glove care.

Benefits of Participating

  • Education and information via the seminars presentation
  • Seminars available in English and Spanish, early evenings.
  • Light snacks and refreshments served.
  • Monthly promotions and specials for seminar participants only.
  • Special financing programs for those that need help

Research grants available twice per year. Ask us how.