Dental Implants have gone through significant changes over the last decade or more. They have become predictable, definitive and our primary choice for replacing a single or many missing teeth. Actually, dental implants may be the only thing in dentistry that this author feels should and could outlive the carrier.

Years in the past, the pioneers tried many different methods of how to place these dental implants. Some were successful and other not so much. But time and effort has taught us all valuable lessons and in doing so, we have narrowed the focus on to what really is effective. More importantly is what patients are asking for routinely these days. I see it everyday in my practice… the patients are all wanting this NOW phenomenon.

As a dental implant practitioner for many years, I have seen this modality come and go a couple of times. But I also feel that currently it really is here to stay. The names out there are many. From teeth in a day, to teeth tomorrow, heck all the way to it can be done in a day or two, or three? The options, names and people touting these are endless. I have been employing this SmileinOne method for over 20 years. It is effective, predictable and proven in my hands.

Now as these patients come and ask for these now teeth, they only answer I give them is the method that I developed and that I have seen work consistently over the last 20 years. SmileinOne

So the process is nearly the same but its proprietary. The case is operated in similar fashion, the implants are placed in a standard fashion and the teeth are applied in the selected method the patient prefers. Here is where this SmileinOne™ method differs from the rest. The patient has the options of how to get it done. What materials they want and the shape, color, size… just perfect customizing abilities for those that are the type that wants their own fingerprint in the jar. For the fewer patients that don’t want to know, just get the job done. Well, then just sit back and let our extremely trained and profession team put it all together for you.

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