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Looking healthy and young has come to you, simply!

A healthy and vibrant looking face is more than just skin deep. But skin and its underlying bone structure make up the majority of what see in the mirror.

Keeping your teeth healthy and of proper dimensions can go a long way towards your long term more youthful appearance.

Great health starts in the oral cavity. Prevention of gum disease, cavities and loos of bone support around teeth always promotes a more youthful and healthy appearance.

We at focus our energies on providing state of the art care in dental disease prevention along with many other forms of healthy alternatives for a better you.

  • A beautiful sparkling smile
  • More youthful skin and facial smile
  • Fresh breath
  • Straight teeth
  • And more…

Lumineers are thin porcelain veneers with minimal to no preparation of the underlying tooth structure.



Invisalign is a very popular alternative to the traditional “metal” braces.  Invisalign gives patients more freedom and flexibility to continue to eat the foods they desire throughout treatment, smile with confidence, and dental hygiene can remain optimum.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign uses the latest 3-D computer technology.

-We diagnose the problem and determine the best course of treatment.

-We take photographs and impressions of your teeth.

-We send your customized treatment plan and impressions to Invisalign.

-Invisalign uses advanced computer technology to finely calibrate a sequence of aligners made just for you. This could mean as few as 10 or as many as 30 aligners.

-Invisalign sends to our office a series of clear removable aligners without requiring any metal wires or brackets.

-Patients are instructed to wear each aligner for about two weeks, taking it out for eating, brushing, and flossing. As you move forward through the different sequence of aligners to the next, your teeth gradually straighten as prescribed by the doctor. Normally, patients are required to return to check the tracking of the aligners every 5-6 weeks, or every three aligners.

-At each visit the doctor will evaluate the movement and position of the teeth to make sure that they are positioned and moving as planned.  Patients will also be given their next three sets of clear aligners.

Invisalign versus Traditional braces

-Invisalign does not irritate the lips, cheeks, or gums like traditional brackets and wires.

-Invisalign allows you to eat whatever foods you desire.

-aligners are removable

-you brush and floss as you normally would, keeping your gums healthier throughout the course of treatment.

-esthetically, they are nearly undetectable.

Invisalign is not for everyone, but your doctor can determine if it is right for you. As a Certified Invisalign Provider, our doctor is specially trained and certified to evaluate your problem and develop a customized treatment plan to give you a beautiful smile.

Are you a candidate for Invisalign?

-Invisalign requires that most of the permanent teeth are erupted or exposed.

-Invisalign is for teens and adults with mild to moderate crowding or spacing.

-If your teeth are misaligned/misplaced due to a significant skeletal discrepancy then traditional braces with or without extra-oral appliances may prove a better treatment option for you.

-If you do not believe you would be compliant to wear the Invisalign aligners for approximately 22 hours per day every day, then metal braces would be a better option for you.  The treatment outcome, and hence, the beauty of your smile upon completion of the Invisalign treatment, is dependent on the amount of time that you keep the aligners in.

If you want to straighten your teeth without the hassles of traditional braces, give us a call. We are here to help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Endoret® (prgf®) Technology

BTI’s research team has developed the therapeutic use of plasma rich in growth factors Endoret® (prgf®).

It is a technology that allows the use of the organism’s own resources with extraordinary results in many pathologies, effectively regenerating tissues without side effects and notably reducing the recovery period of fractures, muscular and tendinous injuries, and surgical interventions. It is used in dental oral surgical procedures, periodontal situations and facial rejuvenation methods.

The advantages of using this technology go beyond the mentioned here. This technique is new yet it is not so new and has been in use for many years in other mediums throughout the body. The main reason for using it is to speed up the recovery of the cells in the regeneration of the affected area while minimizing swelling, bruising and potential for infections.

What are growth factors?

They are proteins that we all have and which carry out an essential function in complex processes of tissue repair and regeneration.

They are naturally found in the plasma of each individual and inside platelets. The therapeutic application of growth factors stimulates and accelerates the processes of tissue healing and regeneration. Can be related to as in the process an infant grows so quickly. By taking that same process and placing it into the affected area, in essence creates the similar growth of that area as it was in the infancy stages.

The aging face… & Bone Loss

Humans are an evolving species. Both intellectually and physically, the human body is in constant evolution. No two people are exactly the same and no one person will ever stay the same.

This is also true for our most precious, unseen commodity; our skeleton. The jaws are comprised of these bones as part of our overall skeleton. So, it reasons that with age, this skeleton will also evolve or in reality; will degrade.

This degradation is what in dentistry we refer to as progressive bone loss. It interferes with patient’s self-esteem, with correctly fitting dentures and also with a more simplified approach to corrections of missing teeth.

In fact, much can be done by educating the public in ways to preserve this bone and allow for better structures, more youthful smiles and obviously a more simple approach if need became present to correct a missing tooth or teeth situation.

This is the TRUE amount of bone that is lost in many patients using full or complete dentures. They will wonder “why” the dentures move around, feel loose and the difficulties chewing and keeping them secured.

The facial and jaw bone serve as the “tenting” or support for our facial skin. This support is what many refer to as a youthful look and many are spending many thousands of dollars having their faces rebuilt while ignoring one the real causes of the aging and wrinkled look.

Dentistry for years would create plastic dentures and while the patient would wear them, they would look more youthful and complete. While the moment they came out, the face would shrivel and wrinkle with an apparent transformation to a much older looking person.

The pictures below depict a face without dentures or teeth and the next with dentures in “supporting” the facial skin. Notice it is the same person, at the same moment in time. The only difference is one has jaw support thereby assisting the skin from collapse.

With & without dentures
with & without dentures

Implant Dentistry has come to the rescue of this degradation. Where implants are placed and activity within the bony structures is again present… bone will be preserved.

Patient from all walks of life will fall victim to this phenomenon with the removal of teeth. Modern dentistry has created pathways to preserve, rejuvenate and recreate the facial structures for a more youthful and functional appearance.

Advanced methods to regenerate lost or missing bone and gums…