General Dentistry

General Dentistry for your family…

For families and their hectic schedules, it makes sense that a business be available and able to accommodate those true needed times for taking care of what’s important.

We have created an opportunity to help those families. A compassionate business that understands the needs of those families. With the average family having both working parents, the kids in school and all of their after school activities… it makes sense to be open on special days that afford those families the leisure of coming in to take care of the everyday needs.

From the kids and all the way up through the grannies; we share that responsibility with your loved ones. We offer competitive pricing while offering you the latest in state of the art dental care. An ounce of prevention will go a long way towards reaching your family’s goals of a healthy mouth .

The services offered:

– Fillings: We perform all types of fillings. From the much needed sealants to protect the young teeth from cavities, to rehabilitating the worn dentition. Properly performed fillings will keep you smiling and chewing for a lifetime. Whether you prefer gold, tooth colored resin or porcelain fillings… today’s dentistry can satisfy your requirements. Ask us about the Good, Better & Best options for your fillings.

– Crowns and Bridges: If you are in need of a crown or a bridge, there are numerous advantages today that preserve tooth structure while still being very esthetic and strong. New all ceramic options offer you all the strength of the conventional structures while affording you an alternative to metals in your mouth if you are so inclined.

– Same Day Teeth: The advent of same day restorations using Cad Cam technologies is an emerging force in what is available. This procedure allows you to miss less work and not have to wear temporary units that may come loose and become a nuisance. Cerec in office technology may be your answer.

– Invisalign and Orthodontics: The ability to straighten your crooked smile with clear aligners similar to retainers. Not having to wear those metal braces is where this new technology has benefitted many folks. You will smile beautifully while also creating a better condition for less food traps and healthier gums. Find out if you are a candidate now.

– Periodontal (Gum) disease: This affects most of the adult population in the US. Although that is true and at varying degrees of levels, the ignoring or not attending to this disease in a timely manner will lead to tooth loss and eventual bone loss. Don’t allow yourself to become a statistic and keep your gums and teeth healthy for a lifetime. Modern periodontal procedures are less painful and with a much more rapid healing time.

– TMJ and Headaches: We all get them. We all think they are something else. Some patients are told they are ALL migraines, when in fact… some are. But more “migraines” are not true migraines. They may be related to a bad bite relationship leading to undue stress to the teeth and thereby allowing the muscles of mastication to become inflamed and painful. We can help diagnose the difference and if you are a bite case, we can offer you proven solutions to help alleviate these symptoms.

– Implant Dentistry: The replacement of one or all missing teeth has come a long way since its inception. This ever emerging technology is creating avenues for the average person to replace their missing teeth without much fuss. A single tooth lost used to necessitate a bridge where the adjacent teeth had to be cut down in order to replace ONE tooth. This option is proven and in certain cases it is still the treatment of choice. But in many other circumstances, it may not be the best choice. Consider Implant Dentistry as an available option to replace your missing tooth or complete set of teeth. The options with Implants is limitless.

Many more effective treatment options are available to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime. Ask us how we can help you and your family achieve this.