Smile: Vitamin D Gets An A+ For Its Role In Oral Health And Immune System Health



The more we learn about the role Vitamin D plays in our health, the more we like it. First of all, it’s a vitamin we get from being out in the sunshine. Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunny day? Vitamin D is made from cholesterol in the skin when exposed to sunlight. And don’t be fooled into thinking if you work next to a window that you’re getting your daily dose. It does not – work that way. You have to get out in the sun and expose as much skin as you can to the sunlight.

Evidence has demonstrated that vitamin-D deficiency may place subjects at risk for not only low mineral bone density/osteoporosis and osteopenia but also infectious and chronic inflammatory diseases. Both of those results are significant in terms of oral health and in the ability to fight off infections like COVID-19 and other viruses.

Living in Florida is great for keeping bones and teeth strong. And it’s a good place to be during the pandemic because you can still get outside, get your exercise and keep your vitamin D levels healthy. For those who cannot get outside, it’s important – to take a Vitamin D supplement. Also, Vitamin D is available in very limited food sources. Your best bet is to spend time in the sunshine.

Since sun exposure is the best way to boost vitamin D levels, you might wonder how much is the right amount? According to some sources, midday is the best time to boost your vitamin D, since the sun is at its highest point, and it has been noted that the body may manufacture vitamin D most efficiently at that time of day.

If you want to explore excellent Vitamin D supplements, give my office a call. I’ve been touting the benefits of Vitamin D and its role in oral health – since I have had my dental practice.