Spring Cleaning, Dental Exam And Free High Quality Vitamin D3

It’s springtime in Florida and that means a little more sunshine in the sunshine state. And for those people who love the sun, that means a good, quality source of free Vitamin D which is so essential to dental health. But for those people who are not so fond of getting out into the Florida sunshine and for those who may not be getting the adequate amount of Vitamin D from dietary sources, I have another source of high-quality free Vitamin D for you.

We want to help you combat the Coronavirus fears. During the months of April and May, all new patients who visit us for their exam cleaning and Oral DNA check will receive a FREE 30-day supply of our branded Vitamin D3 supplement to boost your health and immune system.*

Vitamin D is critical to dental health. As the only vitamin that helps the body absorb calcium, it is integral to bone and tooth health. Dental implants depend on new bone formation and a vitamin D deficiency can interfere with bone metabolism resulting in the failure of implants.

In addition, Vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of oral infections and periodontal disease, it is important in the body’s immune response and it has been known to suppress the destructive effects of chronic periodontitis.

This is one vitamin you really want to keep up with. Whether you get it from 15 minutes of sun exposure, leafy greens, fatty fish or a vitamin supplement, it is important to keep your smile bright and your oral health in tiptop shape.

Give our office a call today and schedule your exam or cleaning to claim your free bottle of Smilecreator of Naples Vitamin D3.

*Must ask for the Vitamin D3 special when calling to make your appointment.