Stay Calm And Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Don’t let Covid-19 disrupt your healthy dental care routine. While all dental offices were shut down for a couple of months, our doors are now open. Dental offices have always been meticulously careful and pristinely clean. We have been wearing masks for at least 20 years and have always worn gloves.


The Unknown Causes Stress

If you’ve had to postpone a regular cleaning due to the pandemic, you may want to make sure you get one back on the schedule as soon as possible. The added stress that the unknown causes can create weaknesses in the mouth and could cause problems. Do not slack on your home oral health care. Be more diligent than ever.

Do your best to stay calm. Incorporating meditation or yoga or a daily walk into your routine can be very helpful. Know that, “this too shall pass.” Of course it isn’t passing as quickly as we’d all like, but it will pass eventually.


Take Care Of Dental Emergencies Immediately 

If you have a dental emergency, take care of it immediately. The mouth is the gateway to the entire body and an abscessed tooth, if not treated, can lead to serious problems. Gingivitis can lead to heart disease and strokes.


Explore Holistic Dental Care

If you’ve never had the experience of working with a biological or holistic dental professional and are looking for a new dentist, we would be happy to welcome you. We follow the BaleDoneen Method which incorporates the study and prevention of the link between heart disease, strokes and gum disease.

Many silent underlying diseases of the mouth like old failing root canals have been proven to contribute to elevated chances of having a severe stroke or heart disease. Cardiovascular incidents are preventable with proper care and attention to these underlying culprits, diet and other forms of cleaner lifestyle living.

A holistic approach will look at other body systems in search for answers as to why the breakdown may be happening. For example as a holistic dentist we will look at metal toxicity, Ph levels in saliva, and we use DNA testing to find ways to strengthen the body to counteract these offenses.

Holistic Dentistry is nothing more than providing the proper conditions for the body to help heal itself better and faster. Holistic dentistry’s focus is to not introduce unnecessary chemicals or substances into the body that may harm tissues, organs or interfere in any way with the body’s natural ability to heal.


Tips To Keep Your Mouth Clean

If you simply can’t get to the dentist for your routing cleaning or check-up, at least be diligent in your oral home care. Follow these tips to make sure you keep your mouth healthy and clean until you can get to your dental professional.

Change your toothbrush head every 3 months or more frequently if you’ve been sick.

Brush your teeth at least twice daily.

Floss after every meal.

Eliminate sugar or at least keep sugary foods to a bare minimum


Ask us how we can help you live better, calmer and healthier.