The Aging Face & Bone Loss

Humans are an evolving species. Both intellectually and physically, the human body is in constant evolution. No two people are exactly the same and no one person will ever stay the same.

This is also true for our most precious, unseen commodity; our skeleton. The jaws are comprised of these bones as part of our overall skeleton. So, it reasons that with age, this skeleton will also evolve or in reality; will degrade.

This degradation is what in dentistry we refer to as progressive bone loss. It interferes with the patient’s self-esteem, with correctly fitting dentures and also with a more simplified approach to corrections of missing teeth.

In fact, much can be done by educating the public in ways to preserve this bone and allow for better structures, more youthful smiles and obviously a simpler approach if there was a need to correct a missing tooth or teeth situation.

The Aging Face

This is the TRUE amount of bone that is lost in many patients using full or complete dentures. They will wonder “why” the dentures move around, feel loose and they have difficulties chewing and keeping them secured.

The facial and jaw bone serve as the “tenting” or support for our facial skin. This support is what many refer to as a youthful look and many are spending thousands of dollars having their faces rebuilt while ignoring one the real causes of the aging and wrinkled look.

Dentistry for years would create plastic dentures and while the patient would wear them, they would look more youthful and complete. While the moment they came out, the face would shrivel and wrinkle with an apparent transformation to a much older looking person.

The pictures below depict a face without dentures or teeth and the next with dentures in “supporting” the facial skin. Notice it is the same person, at the same moment in time. The only difference is one has jaw support thereby assisting the skin from collapse.

With and Without Dentures

Implant Dentistry has come to the rescue of this degradation. Where implants are placed and activity within the bony structures is again present… bone will be preserved and a more youthful appearance will emerge.

Patients from all walks of life will fall victim to this phenomenon with the removal of teeth. Modern dentistry has created pathways to preserve, rejuvenate and re create the facial structures for a more youthful and functional appearance.

Advanced methods are available to regenerate lost or missing bone and gums…  Smilecreator of Naples specializes in dental implants and oral surgery.  Call us for a consultation to evaluate your situation and how we can help.