The Year The World Stood Still

Back in 1951 there was a movie called The Day The Earth Stood Still. Science fiction back in the 50’s considered the earth coming to a standstill for one day as a very out-there idea. But here we are in 2020 and the world came to a complete standstill not just for a day but for months.

Even when shelter-in-place orders were first issued, I have to admit, I thought it might last for a few days or a week at most. Nearly a full year later we are still experiencing massive unemployment, business shutdowns, social distancing, the quarantining, the travel moratorium and people are still getting the COVID-19 virus.

I also admit, I too am getting a bit weary.  I will not however, let the weariness win. I am grateful that I am still in business and that my patients are doing their very best to keep up with their oral health check-ups and procedures. On an even brighter note, life continues to unfold. There are new babies being born, lovers getting married even though they can’t have the big splashy weddings. I see closeness being born amid families who once were too busy for each other. We have an opportunity to get reacquainted with our spouses, our children, our dearest friends. We have been forced to slow down.

Yes, everything came to a screeching halt for a while. But we are continuing to move forward albeit more slowly. I think I might want to embrace the slower pace and make that part of my daily life instead of trying to keep pace with the crazy pace the digital world would have us embrace.

Here’s to the New Year unfolding perfectly for each and everyone.