Unmask A Beautiful Smile


I give my patients something to smile about.

This has been my purpose as a dentist. I love giving people the ability to smile their brightest smile sometimes after not having been able to smile for a long time!

2020 was a year that made it difficult to smile due to the pandemic and everything else that transpired last year. Wearing protective masks became mandatory out in public. Now, we can’t smile at each other. We are starting to be able to read when a person is smiling by their eyes.

For some people who are insecure about their teeth and the health of their mouth, I imagine the mask has provided a degree of comfort and confidence. Some people may not want to give the mask up. But I have a better suggestion. Why not use this time, while you have to wear the mask, to get your teeth fixed and improve your oral health?

Hiding behind a mask is not the answer to an unhealthy mouth and teeth you’re afraid to show with a big smile. That is no way to live. The ability to improve your smile is more accessible than ever. And if you’re afraid to go to the dentist, believe me, there are so many ways to make your visits pain-free.

This is a great goal to set for your New Year. Give my office a call and let’s get you on the road to unmasking a beautiful smile. By the time this pandemic is over, you’ll never want to hide behind a mask again. Let’s do it!