What is Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT)?

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (a.k.a. LAPT) treats periodontal diseases using a new, state-of-the-art laser technique. We do not use scalpels and there are no sutures used with laser gum treatment; instead this groundbreaking procedure utilizes the Denmat Sol Laser, so any fears you may have of gum disease treatment are, quite simply, unfounded when it comes to laser gum treatment. LAPT is the safest, cleanest and most pain-free treatment for gum disease available.

Dr, Nilo Hernandez is trained in the latest Laser Periodontal Therapy™ techniques for the treatment of gum disease, like periodontitis and gingivitis. This new LAPT gum treatment is pain free, highly effective and a great treatment option to consider.

How Does LAPT Laser Periodontal Treatment Work?

The bacteria that are responsible for gum disease live inside your tissues. The Sol laser selectively targets the main bacteria responsible for periodontitis. An excess build-up of tartar or calculus is linked to inflamed gums that often bleed during routine brushing or flossing. During the traditional treatment of periodontal gum disease, calculus or tartar is removed from the tooth’s root surface using a small ultrasonic scaler or hand instruments. Thanks to technological advancements, laser gum treatment is much gentler (and more effective) than traditional scalings alone.

Bone reshaping and replenishing procedures utilize the laser of the Denmat Sol to destroy and disinfect the entirety of the infected gum tissue and root surface. The laser’s energy targets the tooth and gum with pinpoint precision and eliminates the infection. During the laser gum treatment, the Denmat Sol laser eliminates the bacteria associated with gum disease by gently removing small amounts of diseased gum tissue. Once the procedure is completed, your gums will begin to heal naturally and quickly.

Is LAPT Laser Periodontal Treatment Painful?

While the Laser Periodontal gum treatments are painless, we likely will still utilize a local anesthetic to ensure the most comfortable treatment of your gum disease possible. More often than not a simple topical anesthetic spray is all that is required, and any post procedure discomfort you may experience will only last a short period of time.

How Much Time Does the Laser Gum Treatment Take?

Every patient, and every case, is different. The length and complexity of your Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy treatment will depend on both the severity of your periodontal disease, as well as the degree of treatment your particular case of gum disease requires. As a general rule, successful treatment of your gum disease generally takes one or more visits to the office for treatment; the extent of your treatment will, inevitably, be reflected in the cost of your periodontal disease treatment.

Dr. Nilo will discuss with you the details of various treatment options for your gum disease, individual laser gum treatment plans, LAPT Laser Periodontal Surgery and periodontal disease treatment costs, well in advance of any sort of procedure, to determine the best course of action for your particular case.

Compared to Traditional Gum Surgery, Is LAPT Laser Periodontal Surgery More Costly?

The costs vary greatly depending on the severity of the gum disease, the number of visits necessary for successful treatment, the patient’s ability to submit to appointments and whether or not insurance is a part of the equation. That being said, you can expect the costs associated with your LAPT periodontal disease treatment to be generally similar to traditional types of gum surgery. Laser gum surgery for the treatment of gum disease is usually considered a normal periodontal disease treatment cost by most insurance companies.

However, there are a variety of factors in the treatment of gum disease that can affect the end cost of laser gum surgery. Many insurance plans have periodontal disease treatment cost coverage, so your insurer will pay a portion of your laser gum surgery costs. You should discuss your payment options with our dental office, as we do provide periodontal disease treatment cost financing options for both laser gum treatment and laser gum surgery.