Your Gums And Your Heart…The Link is Intensifying!


The aging population is aware of heart disease

and attribute this to getting older. But is it really part of the aging process? Studies show that age and heart disease are not related and actually is improved with science. The medical research establishment is very busy at work finding ways to keep us alive longer and healthier.

Researchers are finding new markers to identify risk of coronary artery disease early on and when monitored properly can help avoid these. One of these receiving much attention is “Myeloperoxidase” (MPO). This is a well-known enzyme found in the blood and used as a marker for inflammation. Follow this link for a very enlightening research article on this exciting enzyme and what it is telling us about our heart future.

More functional medicine doctors are referring their patients to our office when this enzyme is elevated. Usually, they have hit a wall in diagnosis and need further investigation into why it is elevated. Here is where the dentist qualified in this form of study can benefit you. By performing an in-depth study, looking at all CT Scan data in detail, any infection found must be eliminated from the oral cavity.

Multiple cases currently in our office show that to be the case. Once we find these infections and they are eliminated, the MPO levels reduce dramatically and the patient is less inflamed systemically.

There are a few other new diseases and inflammatory markers being used and studied, but MPO is becoming one of those rare finds that truly is standing out.

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