Your Life-Threatening Disease Could Be The Result Of A Dirty Mouth

Let me be clear. I’m not talking about the kind of dirty mouth one refers to when someone curses or uses dirty words. You could curse like a sailor and have a very clean mouth. And you could be a person who has never uttered a dirty word in your life and have an absolutely filthy mouth. In fact, your dirty mouth could indicate how likely heart disease, diabetes and/or strokes could be in your future.


Oral Inflammation

Let me explain. Since the 1800s and the proposal of the germ theory, oral-systemic health has become one of the most important advancements in health. Today it is absolutely clear that every inflammatory disease is hugely affected by oral inflammation. In fact, oral inflammation is the number one source in humans leading to many and all forms of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. So, you see, not only your heart disease, but your cancer, diabetes and stroke could all stem from oral inflammation.


Fear Of The Dentist

If you are afraid of going and don’t go to the dentist and have heart disease, I wouldn’t be surprised. If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in years and have type 2 diabetes, I wouldn’t be surprised. If you avoid going to the dentist like it’s the plague, then you may very well be plagued with the major diseases that are known to cause death among most humans. The one disease that is an indicator of the other major diseases is periodontal disease. Inflammation of the gums leading to receding gums and bone loss creates bacteria in the mouth that goes into the body and causes inflammation that leads to serious diseases.


Fear of going to the dentist is a fear that really must be overcome by those who experience it. As you can see from what I’ve pointed out, t’s actually a matter of life and death importance.


Get Over Your Fear

I am aware that many people who have a fear of the dentist work to overcome their fear and they step up and go to the dentist. I am impressed with the effort and your health is very likely a result of those efforts.


A very simple and new test could be the thing that can help you get over your dentist fear. It’s called the Heart Smart ScreenTM.  If your dental office offers this, he or she can learn more about your current and future health risks with this simple new finger stick test.


Clean Up Your Mouth Clean Up Your Health

Finding a dental professional who offers this innovative test that are involved in genomics, genetic testing and advanced inflammatory testing could be a real lifesaver. If you are on the west coast of Florida, please call my office to schedule this important test. If you are not nearby, please call and perhaps we can suggest a dental professional near you who offers these types of tests. You just might learn to love going to the dentist when you discover how integral they can be to your overall health.