Smilecreator strives to create an atmosphere

where you're treated like family.

About Smilecreator

Welcome to the family

Smilecreator strives to create an atmosphere where you're treated like family.  By understanding the needs of each person and family, we set the precedent for personalized care at affordable prices.

Understanding Needs

At Smilecreator, we're happy to help everyone - from the child who has a cavity to the teenager who needs braces to the working professional who needs teeth whitening - even special care for elderly patients who have unique dental needs and deserve special accommodations.

Dr. Nilo

"We know that not everyone loves going to the dentist, but we are an exception to the rule."


Years of Experience


Smiling Clients


Master Certifications


Happy Staff


Quick, Easy, Anxiety & Pain-Free!

“My co-workers were amazed at how quickly I went from having a hideous mouth to the perfect smile almost instantly!
It seemed like magic, and didn’t hurt a bit!”

D.O. Miami, FL

It's been a Romantic Revelation!

“Before I went to see Dr.Nilo, I hadn’t been out on a date in a year. But with my new smile, I was asked out on four dates the first week after getting my new smile. More importantly, I feel much more beautiful and like I deserve this kind of attention now! Thanks!”

M.F. California

Self-Confidence Skyrocketed

“I used to cringe at the thought of speaking in front of a group. But now, when I do my sales presentations, I am much more confident in myself and I’ve seen a dramatic increase in my sales and income, because of it! My new smile has done wonders for me. Thanks!”

John M South Miami, FL