Dental Crowns and Bridges

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Patients from all walks of life and for many hundreds of years always found ways to fix broken teeth and molars. Crowns and sometimes bridges have been used successfully repairing their teeth using these technologies.

Crowns and bridges are made from many different materials. From the very beginning where metals were hand molded to the new 3D printing methods used today; the reasons have always been the same…to save teeth.

The basic principles of these designs are all the same. The dentist must recreate a mold or model of the cleanly prepared tooth where the laboratory technician can in effect duplicate what design was created in the mouth. This is where the dentist prepares or “cuts down” the tooth in the design process. There the dentist or laboratory person will manufacture a lifelike tooth replica that fits perfectly and fills all spaces between the adjacent teeth.

The crowns are made from anything from all metal, partially covered with porcelain or completely covered by porcelain. The more advanced and newer concepts are made from a very strong material called Zirconium and they contain no metal but are very strong.

The ultimate goal of these is to save the tooth and restore its proper use and function for the patient. Ask us more about these options.